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Relaxing Couples Massage

Couples Massages

Our experienced and continually growing therapists offer multiple durations and massage options for mutual therapy and relaxation for any interested couple.

Therapeutic Cupping

Our therapists employ therapeutic cupping during many massage options to assist with the muscle relaxation and  manipulation. The suction from the cups aids in  releasing toxins built up in the muscles tissues 

Bamboo Fusion

Heat infused bamboo is one of the many treatment aids that may be an option for you. With the warm massage tools being used by our skilled therapists your body will relax and begin to heal itself.


Prenatal Massage

During the many months of pregnancy your body undergoes numerous physical and chemical changes. Our therapists can aid in easing the discomforts and helping relax your tense changing body.

Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage

A full body massage with more aggressive pressure and focusing more on your determined trouble areas. These massages are one of the most beneficial options that are offered and will work out significantly more challenging muscle inconsistencies and joint issues.

Relaxation Massage

Our Therapists will focus on a more gentle massage regimen that will relax your body and allow you to rejuvenate in bliss while we work to reduce your stress.

Sports Therapy Massage

Our Skilled Therapists can help loosen up sports injuries or tightened muscles, work on joint pain from an active lifestyle and assist with any sports coordinator recommendations. 

Medical Massage Therapy

With recommendations or requests from your physician our therapists can work on any area that needs special attention and care. With a prescription from your doctor and insurance approval the visit can many times be billed to your insurance company. Massage in Findlay Seraphim Medical Massage in Findlay

Couples Massage Class

Our Owner and Medical Massage therapist offers a special class for couples who wish to help each other relax within their own homes. The class teaches ONLY relaxation techniques because Therapeutic and other methods/techniques require specific and indepth training and certification.


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